Welcome to My Website!

My name is Gearhart and this is my 1st attempt at setting up a website and I hope you really like it.  I set up this website about Danon Jewellery as I’ve recently retired and needed something to do as I wasn’t ready to just fade away.  To keep my brain active I thought learning about websites would be the thing to do as it was something I hadn’t ever done before.

After a few visits to my local library and after talking to my daughter and wife about ideas for the site, I decided to make it all about Danon Jewellery as both of them spend far too much money and time hunting down and buying all the latest pieces of Danon…

The idea was I could use the site as a “on-line journal” for them, so they could always find out where they can shop for Danon, plus it would give the the experience I wanted to gain in setting up and running a website…

Here’s hoping!